About Us

After the establishment in 1993, it succeeded in localization of balls for ballpoint pens, ceramic bearings, and ultra-thin bearings with the motto of localization.
It is becoming a leading player in the development of the domestic industry by successfully developing a precision robot reducer for the in South Korea and conducting mass production.
It is expanding business sectors to MR actuators for factory automation and articulated robots for collaboration, the core of the global 4th industrial revolution because it has original technologies.
It has resolved the problems of high unit price, delivery time, and warranty of imported products by developing special bearings and ultra-precision reducers, which had been dependent only on imports. It has contributed to strengthening the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, which is a national infrastructure industry.

SBB TECH advances innovative technology and strengthens mass production capabilities with aiming to be one of the global top 3 innovative company specializing in ultra-precision power transmission products.
SBB TECH will become a global power equipment company by advancing into the European market in the future with Asian markets such as China, Taiwan, and Vietnam as a bridgehead through expanding the global business area.
  • Address 22, Gimpo-daero 2918 beon-gil, Wolgot-myeon, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • CEO Jae-wan Ryu
  • Main Products Complex bearings for special environments, ROBO DRIV, ROBO BEARING, MR ACTUATOR, MODULAR ROBOT, etc.
  • Contact HQ: Tel. 031-988-4085 / Fax. 031-988-4083
  • Number of Employees 96 employees (2023)
  • Website